6 Types Of Damage To Wire Rope

One of the most common types of slings used in various industries, such as construction, manufacturing, and shipping, is wire rope, or also known as steel wire. Even though it is made of strong steel, it does not mean that the wire rope will not be damaged. Wire rope will be damaged due to wrong use and age. To avoid fatal mistakes, you should know several types of damage to the wire rope.

Wire rope itself is composed of three components, namely wire, strand and cone. In the process of formation, the wire will be selected into strands and then some trends will be selected again to surround the core.

Types Of Damage To Wire Rope

For damage to the wire rope not only occurs on the outer surface but can also occur on the inside. Here are some types of damage to the wire rope:

Rust or corrosion

rust wire rope types of damage to Wire Rope

Wire rope is made of steel or iron. As is known, everything made of metal is very susceptible to rust or corrosion including wire rope. Rust occurs due to the oxidation process on the surface of the iron caused from air humidity, water and oxygen. Rust on wire rope will be very dangerous if allowed to stand. Because rust can reduce the strength of the wire rope and even make the wire rope break. There are several ways to prevent rust on wire rope such as using coating wire rope with anti-rust coating.

The Wire (Broken)

Broken Wire (Broken Wires) Type Of Damage To The Wire Rope

Broken Wire rope is certainly very dangerous when used, especially if broken partially. This can happen for several reasons, such as heat or discharging beyond capacity.


wire rope kink

If the wire rope is twisted or twisted, it will be difficult to use again because the twisted wire rope will be difficult to straighten. In addition, the wire rope will break if forced to use, especially in urgent situations.

Strand / Wire Splashing (Birdcaging)

wire rope Strand / Wire splatter (Birdcaging)

Damage to this wire rope occurs where the strand begins to open or widen and form like a bird’s nest to make the core open. The open core part will certainly affect the strength of the wire rope. This type of wire rope damage generally occurs because the wire rope gets too strong pressure or the wire rope is used beyond its strength.

Core Part / Core Out (Core Protrusion)

wire rope Section core / Core out (Core Protrusion)

Core is the deepest part of the wire rope or wire rope core. So if the core comes out, it is certainly very dangerous because the potential for wire rope breaking is very large. Actually, this type of wire rope damage is very rare. Possible damage this type of wire rope damage occurs because the wire rope is stuck or punctured to the inside and pulled forcibly. If the wire rope has been damaged like this, you should immediately make a change.

Wire Rope Size Is Not Suitable

Regarding the size of the wire rope, the limitation of the shrinkage percentage of the wire rope size is 10%. If there is a reduction in the diameter of the wire rope, then the wire rope is not recommended for use. But to solve this problem you can add more lubricant so that the wire rope can be reused.

That’s the explanation of the type of damage to the wire rope that you need to know. It is very important to inspect the wire rope regularly, at least checking is done every one year. If the wire rope has signs in accordance with the type of wire rope damage above, then that means the wire rope must be replaced.

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