How to Install Thimble Sling for Rigging

Large industries use a lot of heavy lifting equipment, in addition to these industries move a lot with super large and super heavy items. Therefore, a rigging system is needed, which is a system for moving heavy goods from one point to another, by lifting (lifting), pulling (pulling) and hitting (pulling). There are many rigging tools and one of them is thimble. Although small, thimbles have a vital use, because it is important to know how to install a thimble Sling for good and correct rigging.

Before You Know How To Install A Thimble Sling, Remember What A Thimble Is

I don’t Remember, honey. If not, of course it will be difficult to understand the function of the thimble. Therefore we must be careful first with this tool. Thimble is a tool that serves to keep the eye shape of the wire rope sling from various angles and pull. In addition, this tool also protects the wire rope connection from being detached or damaged, so that the wire rope can be safer because it is not easily damaged.

The wire rope, which is curved in a circle at the bottom and curved at the bottom, is exactly like The Shape of a water drop image. This tool is installed in the eye of the wire rope. More details can be seen in the following picture.


Based on its function, the type of thimble is divided into two, namely light duty thimbles and heavy duty thimbles. Light duty thimbles are used for light rigging applications, usually this type of thimble is mounted on a rope. While light duty thimbles are used for heavier rigging applications and are usually mounted on wire ropes.

While based on the material, there are several types of thimbles such as zinc-coated steel (light duty thimbles), hot dipped galvanized steel and stainless steel (heavy duty thimbles). Each has a different character. For example, stainless steel thimbles are more corrosion resistant, while hot dipped galvanized thimbles are more economical than stainless steel thimbles and are suitable for outdoor use. Meanwhile zinc coated thimbles can also be used outdoors but prefer a thinner thickness than galvanized type thimbles.

How to install Thimble Sling correctly

Okay now let’s get into the main topic of how to install a good and correct thimble sash.

  1. Make sure the size and type of thimble is the same as the wire rope used.
  2. On a wire rope that already has a sling eye (usually called a mechanical connection) then simply remove the thimble on the alternating eye. Then secure using wire clips or Tiger nails.
  3. On a wire rope that does not yet have a sling eye, then bend the end of the wire rope carefully to make a sling eye. Then attach the thimble exactly to the eye. Then fasten using wire clips or Tiger nails.

More clearly how to install Thimble Sling for rigging you can watch the following video :

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