Kingdom Season 4 Release Schedule for Episode 1-26 –

Shin, Ryo Ten and Ei Sei are back this Spring anime season with a new season of Kingdom anime. Following the events of previous seasons, the upcoming new season will begin with adapting the mini-arc “Conspiracy in the Court” which is full of political drama and will put an end to the political struggle between Ei Sei and Ryo Fui for the crown of Qin Empire.

The new season will begin broadcasting on April 9th, 2022 and will run for a total of 12 episodes which will be animated by the same staff from the third Season. Kenichi Imaizumi is returning as the series director at Studio Signpost, with scripts by Noboru Takagi and character designs by Hisashi Abe. Hiroyuki Sawano and Kohta Yamamoto are composing the music.

Now with so many anime airing during a single season, it is hard to keep up with each of them and their release dates and times. So that’s why we have prepared this Kingdom Season 4 Release Schedule which will help you know the next episode will come out.

Kingdom Season 4 Episode Release Schedule

Episode No. Release Date
Episode 1 April 9, 2022
Episode 2 April 16, 2022
Episode 3 April 23, 2022
Episode 4 April 30, 2022
Episode 5 May 7, 2022
Episode 6 May 14, 2022
Episode 7 May 21, 2022
Episode 8 May 28, 2022
Episode 9 June 4, 2022
Episode 10 June 11, 2022
Episode 11 June 18, 2022
Episode 12 June 25, 2022
Episode 13 July 2, 2022
Episode 14 July 9, 2022
Episode 15 July 16, 2022
Episode 16 July 23, 2022
Episode 17 July 30, 2022
Episode 18 August 6, 2022
Episode 19 August 13, 2022
Episode 20 August 20, 2022
Episode 21 August 27, 2022
Episode 22 September 3, 2022
Episode 23 September 10, 2022
Episode 24 September 17, 2022
Episode 25 September 24, 2022
Episode 26 October 1, 2022

What will happen in of Kingdom 4?

The upcoming new season will adopt the “Conspiracy in Court Arc” which stretches from chapter 366 to 378.

In the arc, as Ei Sei’s coming of age ceremony is approaching, the struggle for power and political influence between him and Ryo Fui is reaching its climax. To trap the king into going out to war, Ryo Fui arranged a small scale Zhao invasion. In lack of generals to lead the defending army, Ryo Fui proposed that the king should lead it, just like he did in the Battle of Sai. However, prince Sei Kyou offered to lead the campaign himself.

Sei Kyou met the Zhao army in the city of Tonryuu and managed to repel it easily, but was betrayed by the city’s ruler, Ho Kaku, and his own general, Ryuu, who were both working for Ryo Fui. The prince was imprisoned, and rumours were spread that he started another rebellion in Tonryuu. King Ei Sei, who did not believe the rumours, sent a subjugation army led by a newly appointed general Heki along with Shin and his newly formed 4000-man strong Hi Shin Unit and 1000-man Kyou Kai Unit, with a secret mission to save Sei Kyou.

Where to watch Kingdom Season 4 online? Is it available on Crunchyroll, Funimation or Netflix?

Kingdom Season 4 is available on NHK Premium and NHK General for television viewers in Japan. As for the audience outside Japan, the show is available on Crunchyroll in English subs in the US, Canada, Mexico and Europe. The anime is also available on Bilibili TV with English, Thai, Vietnamese, and Indonesian subtitles.

The show is also available on Aniplus Asia, Video and Wakanim depending on your region.

How many episodes Kingdom Season 4 will have?

Shin – Kingdom Anime

It has been confirmed that Kingdom Season 4 TV anime will run for a total of 26 episodes starting from April 9, 2022, to October 1, 2022, and a new episode will be released every week on Saturday at 12:10 am JST.

Kingdom Season 4 English Dub Release date and Schedule

Unfortunately, as of writing, the English dub of Kingdom Season 4 anime hasn’t been confirmed however taking into account the popularity of the series in the states and the that Crunchyroll is streaming it, who are widely known for their English dub productions, and already have started work on Aharen-San, Spy X Family ‘,s dub it is relatively safe to say an English dub version will be announced very soon right after the premiere.

About Kingdom

kingdom is a historical Japanese manga written and drawn by Yasuhisa Hara on Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump since 2006. Manga inspired a Tv anime in June 2012 which ran for 38 episodes by Studio Pierrot. A second season was released in June 2013 which ran for 39 episodes. The series also has a live-action film which premiered in 2018. A sequel is in production.

Studio Signpost is producing the third season with new production staff and author Hara himself is supervising the new season with Reborn!’s Kenichi Imaizumi as director. Noboru Takagi is handling scripts. Hisashi Abe is credited with character designs.

Born during the Warring States period of ancient China, Xin and Piao are war orphans working as servants in a poor village in the kingdom of Qin. However, they dream to become the “Great Generals of the Heavens” and train daily. One day, Piao is taken to the palace for an unknown purpose by a minister and Xin is left behind. A few months later, Piao returns to the village on the verge of death, urging Xin to travel to another village. There, Xin meets a boy nearly identical to Piao, Ying Zheng the current King of Qin. Xin learns that Piao served as a body double for Ying Zheng and was mortally wounded in a power struggle for the throne.Ezoicreport this ad

Though initially furious at Ying Zheng for causing Piao’s death, Xin decides to seize the opportunity and aids Ying Zheng in ousting his younger half-brother Cheng Jiao and reclaiming the Qin throne. Successful in this endeavour, Xin starts his military life as a Qin soldier and then commander on the battlefields of the warring states of China. He relentlessly pursues his goal of becoming the “Greatest General in the World”, also helping King Zheng of Qin achieve his dream of unification to end the incessant warfare once and for all.

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