Know The Meaning of Colors On Safety Helmets

For project workers, safety helmets are one of the PPE that must be used while working. Jobs such as construction manufacturing mining and others have a fairly high occupational risk. One of the risks that may be faced is crushed by a hard object, impact or hit by an object in the head area. To minimize the risk, namely by using a safety helmet. Know The Meaning Of Colors On Safety Helmets

In choosing a safety helmet should also not be arbitrary, helmets in accordance with the standards meet the Indonesian national standard (SNI). Employers are advised to provide SNI standard safety helmets for their workers. As a trusted PPE distributor, PT Velasco Indonesia Persada provides SNI standard Safety helmets at competitive prices.

If you notice, the project workers use safety helmets of different colors. This is certainly not just for style, but the colors on this helmet have different meanings. There are six colors of safety helmets currently used, namely white, blue, yellow, orange, green, and red.

Meaning of Colors On Safety Helmets

To better understand why there are color differences in safety helmets, here is an industry explanation of the meaning of safety helmet colors:

  1. White: this Color is used by people with high positions such as engineers, managers and foremen.
  2. Blue: commonly used by field supervisors, technical operators and temporary supervisors. Technical operators are usually such as electricians or heavy equipment operators.
  3. Yellow: this helmet is used by sub contractors or general workers in the field. Generally, those who use this helmet must use PPE like a vest.
  4. Green: used by environmentalists.
  5. Orange: used by guests who are coming to visit
  6. Red: generally used by security teams.

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