The Importance Of Respiratory Protective Equipment For Occupational Safety

The importance of respiratory protective equipment for Occupational Safety should be known to workers. In some industries sometimes require employees to work in locations that contain hazardous substances or places with oxygen levels or hazardous substances can change at any time. Exposure to harmful substances that workers inhale every day can cause respiratory disease, even in extreme cases can lead to death. Now to minimize these risks, workers must use respiratory protective equipment.

Respiratory protective equipment (RPE) is one type of personal protective equipment (PPE) that serves to protect the respiratory tract of workers from exposure to harmful substances inhaled during work. The use of breathing apparatus is very important for Occupational Safety in helping to prevent the entry of dust, vapors, gases and harmful substances that can harm the lungs and cause respiratory diseases.

Respiratory protective equipment works by filtering harmful particles in the air so that they are not inhaled and enter the respiratory system. To optimize this function, respiratory protective equipment must be made tight and fit on the face when used. That way, workers can avoid contamination with substances that can harm breathing. This tool is commonly used in various industries, ranging from health, mining, shipping to fire fighting.

Types of respiratory protective equipment

There are several types of respiratory protective equipment that are generally used, namely:

  1. Face mask

Face mask the importance of respiratory protective equipment for Work Safety

Face mask is a type of respirator made to protect the nose and mouth from dust, smoke and fog only. The two most commonly used types of face masks are surgical masks, which are usually used in medical rooms, and respirator masks, which are intended to protect against harmful particles such as viruses and bacteria.

  1. Respirator

Respirator The Importance Of Respiratory Protective Equipment For Occupational Safety

A Respirator is a device used to protect the respiratory system by filtering air before it enters the respiratory tract. There are two types of respirators that are commonly used, namely full-face respirators and half-face respirators. In the respirator there is a filter that serves to capture particles in the air and filter them, so that the air that has passed through the respirator filter becomes cleaner .

  1. Powered Air-Purifying Respirator (PAPR)

Powered Air-Purifying Respirator (PAPR)

PAPR or also called a mobile air filter device is a type of respiratory protective equipment that uses an air pump. The air pump will push the air into the respirator or filter so that it can provide clean air. This air pump works by using batteries. To function properly, the battery in the pump or air blower must be fully charged. In addition, users of this tool must also use the right type of filter in order to provide maximum respiratory protection.

  1. SCBA (Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus)

SCBA-Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

This type of respiratory protective equipment is generally used by firefighters. SCBA is usually used in areas with high levels of air contamination. SCBA is equipped with a tank mounted on the back of its use. This tank that serves as a place to store fresh air supply, so this tool does not require air supply from outside. Generally, this tank can supply air for one hour, depending on the capacity of the tank used.

  1. EEBD (Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus)

EEBD is a breathing apparatus that is intended for the process of self-rescue or evacuation from dangerous or toxic environments that do not allow to breathe normally. With EEBD allows users to be able to save themselves quickly from dangerous environments. Because it is used for self-rescue only, the tube used by EEBD is not too large and can only enter the air in a short time generally only about 15 minutes. In addition, EEBD is designed to be more practical and simple so that it is easy to use during emergency situations.


That is the explanation of the importance of respiratory protective equipment for Occupational Safety. It is undeniable, dust and harmful particles can occur anywhere, including in some work environments. Therefore it is very important to use and choose the right respiratory protective equipment that is tailored to the type of danger faced in order to provide maximum protection.

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