Steel Sling Type Versatile Rigging Tools

The world of rigging aka heavy lifting has a variety of tools that are relied upon to lift, pull and tie heavy goods. One of them is a steel sling. Here we will describe some types of steel slings versatile Rigging tools that are often used as rigging tools.

Steel slings aka wire rope slings can be grouped into several groups. This grouping is based on differences in construction or arrangement, material/material,

Material Type Steel Sling

Steel slings are certainly made of steel material. However, steel slings have various variants with different specifications from each other. Here are some examples of steel sling variants that are widely used.

Galvanized steel Sling aka galvanized wire rope. This steel Sling goes through a finishing process coated with zinc (zinc) which aims to increase steel resistance to rust.
Non-galvanized steel Sling aka ungalvanized wire rope. The difference between galvanized and ungalvanized wire rope is in the finishing, this one type is not zinc coated.
Stainless steel steel Sling. This type of Wire rope is made of a combination of nickel and chromium, thus making it heat resistant and anti-corrosion.

Multiple Steel Sling Construction

Based on the construction or arrangement of the strand, the type of steel sling can generally be grouped into 5 (five) types, namely:

Single Layer

Wire rope with this construction has an arrangement consisting of 1 (one) wire center and 6 (six) wires of the same size that surround it.


Wire rope seale consists of two layers or layers that surround the core. The size of the diameter of the inner or center layer strand is smaller than the diameter of the strand on the outer or outer layer that surrounds it. Although different sizes, but strand on each layer the same amount.

Filler Wire

Wire rope filler wire has two layers or layers, namely the inner and outer layers. Strands on the outer and inner layers have the same diameter. The difference with the seale type, the number of strands in the outer layer is twice as much as the inner layer strand. The difference in the number of strands of both causes a cavity between the two layers. These cavities are inserted with strands of small diameter.


Warrington Wire rope has two layers. Strand on the inner layer has the same diameter as the center. For the outer layer is divided into two types of strand diameter size, large and small. The large Strand on the outer layer is placed in the valley between the two strands of the inner layer. Meanwhile, a small strand fills the void.


This one steel Sling combines two or more steel rope constructions above.

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